World J Clin Cases. 2017 Jul 16;5(7):303-306. doi: 10.12998/wjcc.v5.i7.303.

Singh L1, Singh A1, Agarwal M1, Mishra S1.

Dengue virus infection continues to be major public health problem in large part of world. The epidemiology of dengue viral infection is becoming increasingly complex and has substantially changed over almost past six decades not only in terms of prevalent strains and geographical locations but also in terms of disease severity and atypical presentations. Though liver is the most common organ affected but is generally asymptomatic. We present a case of infant with severe dengue who died of fulminant hepatic failure and showed pan lobular necrosis on post mortem liver biopsy. The case is being presented to highlight life threatening complication of dengue in young children, and dengue viral infection as a cause of acute liver failure in endemic areas. Thus dengue fever should also be considered as one of the differential diagnosis in children presenting with fever and fulminant hepatic failure in endemic regions.

Acute liver failure; Dengue viral infection; Hepatomegaly; Panlobular hepatic necrosis; Transaminitis

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