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Children's Liver Foundation and

Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Mumbai


Invite you to


Single theme meeting on

    Wilson Disease – Bench to the Bedside

March 25th 2017, Nehru Center, Worli, Mumbai

               Endorsed by

Indian National Association for Study of the Liver

    Movement Disorder Society of India

2 MMC Credit hours

Download Brochure || Registration Form ||Program||Full Details

On Christmas eve 2016, a group of enthusiastic young adults came together for an outing to the IMAGICA theme park organised by Children’s Liver Foundation(CLF) in collaboration with THINK foundation. They were all patients of thalassemia who have been successfully treated for Hepatitis C.

Worldwide, diseases of the liver are being increasingly recognized as a cause of ill health in adults as well as children. On the other hand effective measures to prevent, diagnose & treat them have now been developed. In India there is a general lack of awareness about liver disease, especially in children who hence suffer from delayed or missed diagnosis as well as lack of access to appropriate treatment options. With this background , a group of concerned individuals which also include medical professionals and parents have decided to set up this foundation to primarily create awareness on liver disease in children.

  • To promote research into paediatric liver disease
  • To spread awareness about paediatric liver disease amongst medical professionals and the public through lectures, educational material, website, conferences, workshops (national and international)  and other media and activities. This includes post diagnostic measures as well as supporting & creating awareness  of preventive measures as may be possible , including vaccination etc.... 
  • To support children with liver disease and their families in all aspects including facilitating surgeries, making available medicines and investigative facilities , consultation with doctors,  providing  financial and logistics support and counselling to the families of such patients.
  • To support & promote liver transplantation as one of the treatments of liver disease, this includes creating awareness for donation of liver.
  • To support setting up of investigation and treatment facilities  for children with liver disease

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