CLF announces free workshops on Art and Craft for Wilson Disease patients (16th April to 21st April and 6th May to 21st May)
Mrs. Sanjeevani Patwardhan, a member of CLF Wilson Disease Support Group, would be conducting the following workshops on Art and Craft from 16th April to 21st April and 6th May to 21st May
     Courses                                                                                                    Duration
1) Agarbatti Making                                                                                        1 hour
2) Perfume Making + Utne                                                                             1 hour
3) Flower making (Duplex, Solawood, Organdi, Ribbon, Stocking)              1 hour
4) Candle making (Plain, Colourful decorative, gel wax candles)                 4 hours
5) M. Seal work (Key holder, Pot decoration, Tile work, name plate)           3 hours
6) Greeting cards and Envelope decoration                                                   1 hour
7) Hangings                                                                                                     2 hours
8) Toran                                                                                                          3 hours
9) Sequence Tree + Stone tree                                                                      2 hours
10) Solawood + Sequence wall piece                                                            2 hours
11) Rangoli (OHP sheet, MDF, Moti)                                                             5 hours
12) Painting (Handkerchief, Pot, Panti)                                                          2 hours
For further information, please contact Mrs. Sanjeevani on
Tel: 022 23870465, Cell: +91 9322240438,     Email:

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