Sakshi is now a 12 yr old bubbly girl studying in 6th standard. Apart from being good in her studies, she excels in drawing. She enjoys playing as much as her other classmates.

Her life was not the same few years back. She was very weak, could not play and got tired very soon.  She was so thin that everybody around asked her parents, whether she was not eating enough. It was scary to look at her thin frame. Sakshi’s mother says, "By the grace of God, we heard about the possibility of liver transplant and decided to get it done for her, and our world changed thereafter". 

When Sakshi was a one year old , she was diagnosed with chronic liver disease and portal hypertension. Her mother had reported to a paediatrician that her daughter was taking less feeds, not gaining weight, and crying frequently. As there was no treatment available, parents resorted to alternative system of medicines. At age of three, Sakshi was admitted in an emergency at Jaslok hospital after she suddenly vomited blood. She was blue with low O2 saturation at 70-75% (normal concentrations value is above 97%). She was breathless on minimal activities and was blue. This is a condition related to liver disease and is called hepato-pulmonary syndrome, where the oxygenation in the lung is affected by liver disease and the only permanent treatment for which is a liver transplant. Her activity level had decreased slowly to the extent that she slowly stopped playing and then needed help to carry her bag to school and then stopped going to school. Soon, she could barely walk even at home without getting breathless and needed to be given oxygen at home. She was being treated by Dr. Aabha Nagral till the age of five, during which endoscopy and banding was done for 5-6 times. They raised the issue of transplant with Dr. Nagral and Sakshi's father volunteered himself as a prospective donor. Luckily his blood group matched his daughters.

On 19th Dec, 2005, Sakshi underwent a live donor liver transplant, the donor being her father, at Jaslok hospital, Mumbai. She did require a little prolonged ventilation after the transplant but within a month her O2 saturation was back to 98% and she was capable of carrying out full normal activity.

Sakshi’s hobby is drawing; she gets inspiration from her drawings. Whenever she was tense, she used to draw to vent her feelings and that made her feel better. She now goes to normal school and is involved in all physical activities which a child of her age would do.

Her mother says, "After a transplant we still need to take some precautions. We have to take care that she doesn’t contract any infection, keep her away from crowded places, she eats only home cooked food, and have to get her regular blood tests done. If these are followed well, there are no reasons to fear". 

Says Sakshi’s Mother, "Liver transplant not only gave new life to my daughter, but has brought bliss to our family. Sakshi’s father has given a part of liver to her. Today I see the contentment on his face, that he gave a new life to his daughter. Meeting Dr. Aabha was the turning point in our life. Thank you"

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