Glycogen Storage Disorder

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Presented by
Dr Smilu Mohanlal
Moderated by
Dr Seema Alam
Dr Priya Kishnani
Dr Mamta Muranjan
Dr Manoj Ghoda

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Presented by
Dr. Abhamoni Baro
Moderated by
Dr. John Matthai
Dr. S K Yachha
Dr. Archana Kher
Dr. Girish Gupte

What is Glycogen? What is its role in our body?

Glycogen is the storage form of glucose (sugar) in the body. It is a complex material made of individual glucose molecules linked together in long chains with many branches off the chains (just like a tree). Glycogen is mainly stored in the liver and muscle cells, but the kidneys and intestines also store some limited amounts of glycogen.


Metabolism is the process by which our body breaks down the food we eat and converts it to energy. 

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