Liver Function Test

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Presented by
Dr Avinash Khade
Moderated by
Dr S K Yachha
Dr Malathi Sathiyasekaran
Dr Girish Gupte
Dr Ashley D'Cruz

What is an 'Liver Function Test?

These are a group of blood tests which reflect the function of the liver. Abnormalities in these tests are helpful in determining the type and extent of damage to the liver if any.


What constitutes an LFT?

The following tests constitute an LFT:

  • serum bilirubin-total, direct, indirect

  • serum enzymes- ALT(earlier called as- SGPT), AST (earlier called as- SGOT)

  • serum GGT

  • serum Alkaline phosphatase

  • serum albumin

  • Prothrombin time / international normalization ratio (PT/INR)



What is liver?

Liver is one of the vital organs of our body with wide range of functions. The liver consists of highly specialized tissues that regulate a wide variety of biochemical reactions necessary for vital functions of our body.


Where is the liver located in our body?

The liver is located just beneath the right rib cage below the right diaphragm and the right lung. The lower border can be felt 2 cm below the right rib cage in infants and younger children. The liver is surrounded by right diaphragm, stomach, intestine (duodenum) and gall bladder.


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