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Presented by Dr Upender Shava
Moderated by Dr Malathi Sathiyasekaran
Panelists Dr Priya Kishnani
Dr Vishnu Biradar
Dr Mamta Muranjan

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Presented by/ Moderated by
Dr Manoj Ghoda
Dr Priya Kishnani
Dr Seema Alam
Dr S K Yachha

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Presented by
Dr. Abhamoni Baro
Moderated by
Dr. John Matthai
Dr. S K Yachha
Dr. Archana Kher
Dr. Girish Gupte


  • What is tyrosinemia?

Tyrosinemia is an inborn error or metabolism i.e., a genetic error in the breakdown of an  amino acid called tyrosine. Due to the error in breakdown, tyrosine and certain by-products accumulate in the body and cause the various disease manifestations.

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